Gold Colored Exclusive Pancha Dhatu Couple Bracelets for Sale

Posted on 21 August 2023, 07:19 PM



Pancha Dhatu Couple Bracelets for Sale are typically made from a blend of five metals, known as “Pancha Dhatu” in Sanskrit. These metals are considered sacred in various Indian and Asian traditions and are believed to have specific spiritual and healing properties.


The five metals typically used in Pancha Dhatu couple bracelets are:


Gold (Svarna): Gold is associated with wealth, prosperity, and the sun. It is considered a symbol of purity and enlightenment in many cultures.


Silver (Rajata): Silver is believed to have cooling properties and is associated with the moon. It is often used for its healing and calming effects.


Copper (Tamra): Copper is known for its healing properties and is believed to balance the body’s energies. It is often used in traditional medicine practices.


Zinc (Yashada): Zinc is associated with strength and is believed to enhance mental clarity and focus.


Iron (Loha): Iron is associated with physical strength and vitality. It is believed to help boost energy levels.


Pancha Dhatu Couple Bracelets are often worn by couples as a symbol of their bond and connection. They are believed to bring harmony, balance, and positive energy to the wearers. Additionally, these bracelets are often considered to have a grounding and healing effect on the body and mind.


Keep in mind that the effectiveness of Pancha Dhatu couple bracelets in terms of their healing or spiritual properties is a matter of personal belief and cultural tradition. If you are interested in purchasing Pancha Dhatu Couple Bracelets, then just give us a call now!


Price is negotiable so if you think you really wish to own it, just get in touch with me। For single pcs 500 and if both then 950!

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